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Fly and Lure Fish the Mulchatna River in Bristol Bay

Formerly Bearfoot Adventures

The Mulchatna, a 160-mile tributary of the mighty Nushagak River in the Bristol Bay area of Western Alaska, is a breeding ground for all five species of Pacific salmon, plus world-class rainbows, dolly varden, grayling, and northern pike.

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King salmon fishing Alaska

Alaskan Remote Adventures is based on the Mulchatna River and has easy access to two other rivers—the Koktuli and Stuyahok.

Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing Rainbow trout:  Mulchatna River rainbows are renowned for their size—up to 27-inches. Target rainbows from mid-June to September, with peak fishing beginning in mid-July.
Sockeyes:  In 2020, approximately 1.2 million sockeyes returned to this river system. Sockeye run June through early August. Sockeye are excellent on the grill and have distinctive red meat.
Chum Salmon:  The chum run is June 22 to September 1. These salmon are aggressive and strong, a toothy fighter that can reach 15-pounds. There are a lot of chum in the river, adding to the mix.
King Salmon:  Kings typically run July 1-24, with kings up to 50-pounds. The Mulchatna boasts one of the world's largest wild king salmon runs. Landing five kings per day is pretty typical. A daily catch can exceed 10 to 20 kings per angler. The Mulchatna king limit is four per season over 20-inches, with the season ending on July 24th.
Dolly Varden:  There are good numbers of dollies from mid-July to September 15. Dollies are most abundant when the salmon are spawning as they fatten up on eggs.
Silver Salmon:  Silvers run from August 1 to mid-September. These 10-to 18-pound fish aggressively take your fly or lure.
Grayling:  Target grayling throughout the season.

Fishing Facts:

Fishing the Mulchatna at Sunrise

Season:  The Lodge is open from June 20 to early September.
Boats:  16-18’ Lowe flat-bottom boats with 30 to 45 HP outboard motors. Drift or wade fishing.
Guides:  Experienced guides are well versed in both the fishing and the area. Trained guides with Wilderness First Responder and First Aid Training.
Limit:   You can bring home a possession limit of silvers and kings.
Fishing Equipment:  With advance notice, the Lodge can provide the use of rods, reels, waders, and boots. All flies and tackle are included. The Lodge has a fly-tying area, and some materials are provided. A comprehensive tackle and gear list is included in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License:  License and King Salmon stamp are not included in the package.
A Typical Day:  You’re guided 8 to 10 hours each day. You’ll have an early breakfast and then head out to the river by 8:30 a.m. Guides prepare sandwiches each day around noon. You’ll usually return to the Lodge at 5:30 p.m. Dinner is served at about 7:00 p.m. Tie some flies, play cards, share fishing tales… The Lodge has a fly-tying area and some materials are provided.
Mulchatna River

Chatna Lodge

Stay at a remote riverside lodge with Alaskan Remote Adventures Chatna Lodge

You'll stay at Chatna Lodge, the only established lodge on the Mulchatna River. The Lodge has four bedrooms and bathrooms, and comfortably accommodates eight anglers. Hot showers, generated electricity, a fly tying desk, river views, and wildlife viewing.
Communications:  Wi-Fi is not available at the Lodge. A satellite phone is available in case of an emergency.
Meals:  Hot-cooked breakfasts. Guides prepare fresh salmon on shore each day, with sandwiches as a backup. The Lodge has a professional chef who prepares gourmet meals such as prime rib, king crab, fresh salmon... With advance notice, the Lodge can accommodate special dietary needs.
Beverages:  The Lodge does not provide alcohol. You’ll need to bring any alcohol you want to enjoy on your trip. Sodas are available for purchase.

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Getting to the Lodge:

You’ll fly to the Anchorage International Airport and stay one night at a hotel of your choice. Discounted rates are available through two hotels. The following morning, you’ll take a one-hour charter flight to Iliamna. From here, you'll take a 30-minute floatplane flight, landing on the Mulchatna River. Then you'll walk 100-yards up to the Lodge.
The flight from Anchorage to Iliamna is approx. $500.00 roundtrip and is not included in the package. The floatplane flight from Iliamna to the Lodge is included in the package. A first and last night hotel stay and meals in Anchorage are not included in the package. Our confirmation packet includes a list of recommended hotels in Anchorage.

2022 Rates:

6-nights at the Lodge and 5-days guided fishing
$5,500.00 per person

Float, Camp, and Lodge Trip:
6-nights and 5-days guided fishing $5,500.00 per person
3-nights camping on the river and 3-nights at the Lodge.
Start drift midday on Sunday. Float and camp along the Mulchatna River Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. On Wednesday, you’ll float to the Lodge and stay in the Lodge's guest rooms on Wednesday through Saturday. Fly out on Sunday morning.

Float and Camp Trip:
5-nights Camping and 5-days guided fishing
$4,800.00 per person
5-nights camping along the river
Start drift on Monday. Float and camp along the river through Saturday. You'll fly out midday on Saturday. This trip is on many popular rivers in Bristol Bay and Katmai National Park. The highlight of these float trips is rainbows up to 28 inches.

Packages Include:

Roundtrip floatplane flight Iliamna to the Lodge, double-occupancy lodging and meals at the Lodge, guided fishing, and up to 25-pounds of vacuum-sealed and boxed salmon.

Packages Do Not Include:

Airfare to Anchorage, charter flight to Iliamna, first and last night’s lodging and meals in Anchorage, fishing license and King Salmon Stamp, boots or rain gear, alcohol, gratuities, one airline-approved fish box for up to 25-pounds of salmon, Global Rescue, travel insurance, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Bear Viewing Excursions:

A bear viewing excursion can be arranged for guests. The cost is $800.00 to $1,000.00 per person for a six-hour trip.

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A Healthy Population of Rainbow up to 27"

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Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska salmon fishing

Large Sockeye Salmon Run

Sockeye Salmon Fishing

Chum Salmon are Oily but Smoke-up great.

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A Mulchatna Dolly on the Fly

Dolly Varden on the fly

A Beautiful Dolly Varden on a Fly

Dolly Varden

Campfire and Social Time at the Lodge

Campfire at the Lodge

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Target grayling all season

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