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Drift Fish the Yellowstone, Missouri, Madison, Big Hole for Wild browns, Rainbows, and Cutthroat

Ed Lawrence, a veteran Montana guide, offers quality and affordable fly fishing trips.
Fish some of the healthiest streams in the Lower 48. Rivers are teeming with wild browns, rainbow, and cutthroat trout. To fly fish Montana, you don’t need to be a casting whiz, but you do need to be able to make a decent backcast or roll cast and place a fly 20-feet away from a 16-foot drift boat. Fishing trips are available from April through late September. They’ve arranged high-quality lodging in each location, so all you need to do is pack your gear and head to Montana. Book now for 2021 and 2022.

The Yellowstone and Madison River

Fly fishing the Yellowstone

The Yellowstone River: is the longest undammed river in the Lower 48. Fish sections of the river along a 95-mile stretch between Yellowstone National Park and Big Timber, where the trout population is between 1,300-2,000 per mile. Catch German browns, rainbows, native cutthroat trout, and mountain whitefish.
The Madison River: is one of Montana's most famous blue-ribbon tailwaters with 2,500 wild trout per mile. Fish a 24-mile-long stretch flowing out of Yellowstone National Park downstream to Ennis. There are thousands of rocks and boulders behind which the trout lay in wait. You can also fish a 15-mile-long stretch of the river below Beartrap Canyon near Bozeman. The river slows significantly but is full of rainbows, browns, and an occasional cutthroat. The best fishing occurs during spring and fall when the water is cooler. Streamer fishing can provide solid action for the big guys.
Madison River Fly Fishing Madison-Yellowstone package
Depending on water conditions, you may or may not fish both rivers.
Includes lodging in Bozeman, MT.
4-nights and 3-days guided fishing
$1,400.00 per person
5-nights and 4-days guided fishing
$1,843.00 per person

The Missouri River

Flyfishing the Missouri

Missouri River:  The 30-mile-long stretch of the Missouri River between Holter Dam and Cascade may be the best trout habitat in Montana. In the words of Biologist Eric Roberts:  “Downstream near the town of Craig, state fisheries crews estimated the Missouri River held 5,194 rainbow trout that were greater than 10-inches long per mile. That surpasses the long-term average of 3,174 rainbows per mile." Brown trout populations are on the rise as well.
If you’re interested in catching Alaska-size rainbows, add the Gates of the Missouri, a reservoir above Holter Dam (also known as the Land of Giants), to your Missouri River fly fishing adventure. The average fish netted is 20-22 inches and may weigh more than five pounds. Space is limited, and there’s a $50.00 p.p. surcharge for the Coast Guard licensed guide and powerboat to ferry you upstream.
Missouri River Fly Fishing The Missouri River package
Chase trout on the 30-mile stretch of water between Wolf Creek and Cascade.
Includes lodging in Helena, MT.
4-nights and 3-days guided fishing
$1,415.00 per person
5-nights and 4-days guided fishing
$1,859.00 per person

Madison-Yellowstone-Missouri Combo package
Two days of fishing near Bozeman on the Madison and Yellowstone, with an additional two days on the Missouri. You’ll need transportation to and from Helena, but they’ll provide transportation to the Missouri River and back to the hotel.
Includes 3-nights in Bozeman and 2-nights lodging in Helena, MT.
5-nights and 4-days guided fishing
$1,850.00 per person
Add a day-trip to the Combo Package to
Land of the Giants:
Hunt the upper section of Holter Lake for big rainbows. Coast Guard licensed guides transport you in a flats boat equipped for two fly casters.
An additional $100.00 per person, and according to Ed, it's worth every penny.

Big Hole River and The Beaverhead

Big Hole River fishing

Big Hole River:  One of Montana's prettiest settings and filled with thousands of browns (1,750 per mile) and rainbows (541 per mile). The middle section near Melrose flows through narrow canyons, densely wooded forests, and hayfields. It's not uncommon to see mule deer, moose, and elk all along the river.
Beaverhead River:  If you are primarily interested in big browns, the Beaverhead produces more large browns than any other river in Montana. Due to limited public access, fishing from a drift boat proves best. Biologists determined that there were 2,200 browns per mile, averaging over 14” from the most recent count. Add in 500 rainbows averaging over 17-18”, and you can appreciate the river’s popularity.
Beaverhead or Big Hole package
Includes lodging in Dillon, MT.
4-nights and 3-days guided fishing
$1,450.00 per person
5-nights and 4-days guided fishing
$1,906.00 per person

“With Ed’s persistence and knowledge, I managed to put seven rainbows and browns in the net. He is very personable and has a thorough understanding of fly-fishing and boat handling.” - Guy Schoenborn

See Ed's Flyfishing YouTube Video (pictures).

Sample Itinerary:

Depending on your package, you'll either fly to Bozeman or Helena, Montana. You can either rent a car or call your motel for a shuttle. The evening before your first day of fishing, your fishing guide will hold an orientation at the hotel. The next morning after breakfast, your guide will meet you at your hotel and drive you to the river. The rivers are within a one-hour drive of the accommodations. You’ll be back to your hotel each evening about 6:00 p.m., in time for an early dinner.

Montana Lodging and Meals:

Priced quoted above are for double-occupancy lodging at mid-range motels such as the Holiday Inn Express.
Meals:  Enjoy freshly cooked breakfasts at the motel. Guides provide lunch--typical lunches include over-sized sandwiches and wraps, chips, salad, cookies, and soft drinks and water. If you have special dietary concerns, we need to let them know ahead of time. You may bring wine or beer, and they’ll provide cups.
Dinners are on your own and not included in the package. There are a wide variety of restaurants within walking distance of your motel.

Fishing Facts:

2021 Season:  Fishing trips are available from April through late September.
Boats:  You’ll fish from 16’ fiberglass drift boats. Two anglers per boat and guide.
Guides:  Experienced flyfishing guides who provide top-notch instruction and guidance, if necessary. They can instruct you in the fundamentals of casting and presenting flies, selecting flies, and, generally, makes life simple for you.
Guided Hours:  Up to 8-hours per day. You can meet your guide as early as 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. The guides are flexible and want the trip to suit your needs. There is a one-hour drive to the river, and then you'll fish until +/- 5:00 p.m. before returning to the hotel.

River Miles:  You'll cover 8-10 river miles per day, stopping to wade those pools and runs that look most promising. You can mix and match your trip to suit your taste:  Fish the Yellowstone one day, the Madison the next, then the Beaverhead, the Big Hole, or the Missouri River.
Fishing Equipment:  is not included. 5-weight fly rods with matching reels and lines are the go-to equipment, but other sizes will do the job. You can bring flies, or the guides will help you select the best flies for your trip. We'll send a detailed list of what to bring in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License: is not included in the package. A 10-day non-resident fishing license, plus fees was $81.00 in 2020. If you'd like to purchase a Montana fishing license, here is the link.

Packages Include:

Hotel accommodations, orientation, breakfast at the hotel, roundtrip ground transfer from the hotel to fishing, guided fishing, and a streamside lunch.

Packages Do Not Include:

Transportation to Montana, fishing equipment, fishing license, gratuities, dinners, alcohol, and anything not mentioned under inclusions

Montana Fly Fishing:

Gates of the Missouri Rainbow Fishing

Gates of the Missouri

Fly fishing for brown trout

Flyfishing for Montana Browns

Montana Rainbow fishing

fly Fishing Montana

Fly fishing for Montana rainbows

Montana Rainbow Trout

Guy Schoenborn with Madison River brown

Madison Brown trout

Andy Chaffey with 23" Madison River brown

Flyfishing the Madison River

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