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Peacock Bass Fishing

At the Best Lodges, Liveaboards, and Floating Cabins

Peacock bass are an aggressive, hard-fighting, and beautiful fish, known for their hand-blistering, long runs. They were one of Larry Schoenborn's favorite species. Fierce hunters, their explosive topwater strike, and surprising ability to break heavy lines and leaders, make them one of the most desired species to pursue.

Brazil - Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Agua Boa Peacock Bass

Agua Boa Amazon is a fly-fishing-only lodge, named one of the world's top ten. We've hosted trips here for 18 consecutive years.
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Brazil - Itapará Lodge

Itapara Lodge

Lure or Fly Fishing. Two lodges, 40 Miles Apart. Itapara Lodge is 250 miles north of Manaus. The Itapara River is renowned for some of the largest peacock bass up to 25-pounds in size.

Brazil - Kendjam Lodge

Iriri River Fishing

Fly fishing only. Target over ten different species in crystal clear fast waters. The Iriri River runs over a huge granite base. You'll stay in cabin-style safari tents with box-spring beds.

Brazil - Rio Marie Liveaboard

Rio Marie Fishing

The Rio Marie is the most remote river in the Brazilian Amazon and is known as the River of Giants, a 400+ mile floatplane flight from Manaus, Brazil. Air-conditioned liveaboard, Wi-Fi, and four-course dinners.

Brazil - Rio Novo-Xeriuini

Two Anglers with Rio Novo Peacock Bass

Flies or Lures. You'll take a floatplane flight to the headwaters of the Novo River in the Xeriuini River Preserve. Up to 14 gamefish species. Air-conditioned floating cabins.

Brazil - River Plate Anglers

River Plate Anglers

Flies or Lures. Fish the Rio Negro for XL Peacock Bass. River Plate Anglers have exclusive entry permits to fish on Indian reserves and government preserves. HIghly-developed floating cabins.

Brazil - Rocado/Uneuixi River

Uneuixi River Peacock Bass

Exclusive Trophy Peacock Bass Fishery. After a 13-year closure, River Plate's trophy peacock bass fishery reopened in 2018. Air-conditioned floating cabins.

Brazil - The Turtle's Maze

Angler with Large Peacock Bass

Fly fish three tributaries of The Turtle's Maze (Labarinto Da Tartaruga) for peacock bass. Stay in air-conditioned floating cabins. Fifty to 100 fish days are not uncommon.

Colombia - Peacock & Payara Combo

Angler with nice-size payara Colombia

For this fly or lure fish from canoes, and get in four days of peacock bass fishing on the Vichada River and two days of bank fishing for payara at the famous Maipures Rapids. You'll stay at Akuani River Lodge and two nights at a fully-equipped tent camp.

Colombia - Tomo River

Tomo River fly or lure fishing

Fly or Lure fishing for large peacock bass. Afloat Fishing in Colombia offers a remote peacock bass fishing trip on the Tomo River, one of Colombia's most virgin ecosystems. Air-conditioned floating cabins.

Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass

Larry Schoenborn

Peacock bass are the ultimate fly rod fish and are known for their unbelievable power and speed. Larry Schoenborn, pioneer and host of the popular television show Fishing the West, tackles basic and advanced fly fishing techniques, popular fly patterns, mistakes anglers make, equipment to bring, and much more. Click here for the Amazon Link.

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