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Two lodges, 40 Miles Apart. Itapará's main lodge is situated approximately 250 miles north of Manaus on the Itapará River, a tributary of the Rio Blanco, which is a large tributary of the Rio Negro. The Itapará is renowned as a sanctuary for some of the largest peacock bass in the world - ranging from up to 25 pounds in size.

Fishing Itapará Lodge - Brazil

Itapara Lodge

You’ll primarily be fishing the Itapará River and some of its lagoons. These lagoons are formed from the river dropping during the dry season. There are five or more lakes with boats that can be reached by short hikes from the river. The river itself can be great fishing, especially during lower water.
Fishing season:  Itapará's fishing season opens in early October, after the rainy season, when the waters recede into the riverbed. At this time the peacock bass roam in shoals and are attacking everything in sight. The season extends into early April. Peak fishing is between December 25th and March 15th. Keep in mind, the productiveness of your peacock bass adventure is largely dictated by the water levels. Occasionally, the rainy season fails to abide by schedules and may add mid-season downpours.

Itapará Lodge boats and guides:

Itapara Lodge

Experienced Portuguese-speaking guides. Two anglers per 17-foot aluminum boats with swivel seats and 25 h.p. outboard motors. You'll be guided from approximately 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. each day. Itapará has two lodges which are 40 river miles apart. The lodges allow guests to fish about 75 miles of river without runs of over 45 minutes. A five-day package offers one or two days at the lower lodge, and the 10-day package offers two to four days at the lower lodge.

Itapará Lodge Hosted Fishing Weeks

Itapara Lodge

2018 Hosted Weeks:  Two options to choose from
6-nights and 4 ½ -days guided fishing - $3,400.00
January 12-18, 2018:  Brad Staples hosts
January 17-23, 2018:  Brad Staples hosts
11-nights and 9 ½ -days guided fishing - $6,300.00
January 12-23, 2018:  Brad Staples hosts
You're not restricted to our hosted weeks. Provided there are openings, we can book Itapará Lodge for a time that works best for you.

Getting Here:

From Manaus, you'll take an 80-minute charter flight to Itapará Lodge, which is included in the package. There is a weight restriction of 40 pounds.

About Itapará Lodge

Itapará Lodge is remote. From the main lodge, it’s a five-hour fast boat ride to the nearest village. The main lodge has a satellite television in the lounge area and a small swimming pool. There is free Wi-Fi access. An open bar is available from 5:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. with local drinks. (Imported drinks are not included.) Air-conditioned double occupancy rooms with private bathroom. Itapará's lower lodge consists of deluxe duplex cabanas, a two-hour boat ride, about 40 miles downstream from the main lodge. The main lodge accommodates up to 18 guests, and the cabanas up to 10 guests. A Piper Cheyenne III airplane is available onsite to fly guests with any medical emergency to the town of Manaus where there is a good hospital, approximately an 80-minute flight.

Rates valid through
March 30, 2018:

Rates are per person - double occupancy
6-nights and 4½-days guided fishing
11-nights and 9½-days guided fishing
$6,300.00 p.p.
Single occupancy room and boat:
Add an additional $1,400.00 to above.
Prices are subject to change.

Packages include:

Ground transportation in Manaus to the hotel and to charter flight, roundtrip air shuttle service Manaus/Itapará Lodge, lodging, meals, alcohol (with the exception of import brands), guided fishing, laundry service, Wi-Fi, and upon request, Larry’s 64-page eBook Fly fishing for Peacock Bass.

Packages do not include:

International airfare, Brazilian visa ($160.00 reciprocity fee), fishing licenses, satellite telephone calls, imported liquor, airport taxes, overnight hotel and meals in
Manaus, fishing tackle, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Call 1-800-205-3474 for more Information:

Request Itapará Lodge information packet  

Itapará Lodge photos

Russ DeFusco with Itapará peacock bass.

Russ DeFusco at Itapará Lodge

Larry and guide with Itapará peacock bass

Itapará  Lodge

Guy Schoenborn with Itapará peacock bass

Itapará  Lodge

Howard Wood with peacock bass.

Itapará  Lodge

Tim with redtailed catfish     | Large peacock

Itapará  Lodge

Aerial view of Itapará Lodge

Itapará  Lodge

The lodge overlooks the Itapará River

Itapará  Lodge

Air-conditioned rooms with private bath

Itapará  Lodge

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