Elk Island Lodge

Northern Manitoba

God's Lake and God's River

Elk Island Lodge is a remote, fly-in-only, family-run fishing lodge on God's Lake in Northern Manitoba. God’s Lake's cold, deep waters offer world-class fishing for northern pike, lake trout, walleye, and brook trout. Add a fly-out to God's River for legendary brook trout fishing.

Fishing God's Lake

Elk Island Lodge

God’s Lake has over 400 square miles of surface area and a known depth of up to 400 feet. Large areas of water are 150 feet deep. The lake maintains a surface temperature that usually does not exceed 60ºF. This environment is perfect for the large population of lake trout that reside here. The cold water allows catching this species near the surface during the entire season. God's Lake provides incredible species diversity for both fly and conventional anglers.
God’s Lake holds the following local records:
Lake Trout - 53 lbs and 4ozs.
Walleye – 14 lbs. 3ozs.
Northern Pike - 36 lbs. 2ozs.
God's River:  Brook Trout - 9 lbs. 8ozs.
God's River:  Near the outlet of God's Lake is the legendary God's River which has the best brook trout fishing on the North American continent. Let them know in advance if you are interested in catching brookies, as this involves a 60-mile fly-out downriver from the main lodge and an additional cost per person of $400.00. Year after year, God's River produces trophies for anglers.
Fly-Outs:  30+ Fly-outs are available for northern pike $300.00 per person and brookies $450.00 per person. For fly-outs, boats are on over 25 different lakes. Some of these lakes may only see six anglers a year. There are two camps in the Barrenlands near the Manitoba and Nunavut border. With so many lakes available via portage or fly-outs, you may want to customize your package. Your guide will accompany you on your fly-out trips.

Elk Island Fishing Facts:

Elk Island Lodge

2024 Lodge Season:  The Lodge is open from May 31 through August 19. The top months for lake trout are early June, July, and September. Every month is good for Northern pike and walleye. The best months for brook trout are June through August. Walleye fishing is about a 20-minute boat ride from the Lodge. June through August are peak fishing for brook trout.
Boats:  The Lodge has a fleet of 18-foot boats equipped with 40 HP Yamaha outboards, casting deck, swivel seats with backrests, rod holders, and locators. Two anglers per boat and guide. The Lodge's dock system makes it easy to get in and out of the boat.
Guides:  Expert guides, many of whom have spent their entire lives exploring the islands and bays and fishing the hot spots of God’s Lake. They work hard and assist in landing, measuring, and photographing your catch.
Shore Lunch:  All fishing is catch-and-release other than selected sizes of walleye, northern pike, and lake trout that are guide-prepared for shore lunch.
Golf Carts will transport anyone with medical or physical difficulties to and from your dock to the Lodge.
Fishing Equipment:  Equipment is not provided. For $195.00 USD per person, they offer a one-week rental package that includes up to three rods and three reels and lures for all fish species. Bring a good supply of leaders, as the fish in God’s Lake can be tackle busters. A detailed list of what to bring is included in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License:  should be purchased online before your arrival, about $42.00 USD, plus GST.
Evening Fishing:  After dinner, if you want to get in two extra hours of fishing, your guide can take you back out for $50.00 ($25.00 for the guide and $25.00 for the Lodge).

Mike Sadar with Northern Pike

Elk Island Lodge

Mike Sadar's Trip Recap

"In preparation for this trip, I was not sure what to expect, especially when northern pike were not near the top of my list. However, now that I have fished for this species, I was really impressed and surprised at how exciting fishing for pike can be. On several occasions, I saw a 36-40 inch pike take the fly near the boat. The brook trout fishing was equally impressive, and it was common to see these fish take the flies as well.
The Lodge was excellent and well-run. It is certainly near the top of the list for Canadian lodges.
I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to catch big pike, plus target a variety of other species. Although pike is the key species of interest at this lodge, the other species are also commonly available. The brook trout do require a fly-out as we traveled about 50 miles downstream from the outlet of God's Lake. Lake trout are close to the Lodge and make an excellent after-dinner opportunity. Most guests take the 4-day fishing option, and this is an economical trip for excellent fishing. The trip went by fast, which is a sure sign that it was good!"
- Mike Sadar (2013)

Elk Island Lodge

Typical Fishing Day:
At 8:00 a.m., you’ll meet your guide at the dock to fish the clear waters of God’s Lake.
At Midday:  You’ll enjoy either a boxed lunch or a grilled shore lunch prepared by the guides.
5:00 p.m., The boats return to the dock by 5:00 p.m. so everyone can take a hot shower and relax a bit before dinner.
5:30 p.m., Appetizers are served.
In June and July, dinner is served at 6:30 p.m. In August, dinner is at 6:00 p.m.
If you’d like to get in a little more fishing after dinner for $50.00, your guide can take you back out for an additional two hours of fishing. Other evening activities include: Walking the old trails, island views from the deck, enjoying a cocktail in the lounge, or relaxing in the Lodge’s hot tub.

Getting to the Lodge:

You'll fly to Winnipeg and stay overnight. A hotel near the airport offers special rates for Elk Island guests. The following morning, you'll take a 90-minute scenic flight to the Lodge's private airstrip. Their 4,200-foot, well-maintained, newly crowned, all-weather gravel airstrip runway is considered one of the finest in the North. The Lodge staff will greet you. You can walk or use a golf cart to get to the cabins. The package includes the roundtrip charter flight from Winnipeg to the Lodge. The hotel night and meals in Winnipeg are not included in the package.

Baggage Limit:  For the charter flight, there is a 50-pound weight limit for a 4-day stay and a 75-pound weight limit for an 8-day stay. You’ll be charged $5.00 for each pound over these limits.

About Elk Island Lodge:

Elk Island Lodge is a historic log building. The dining room overlooks the lake. The fireside lounge has a bar, a pool table, and a tackle shop.
The Cabins:  Ten modern cabins host up to 40 guests. Each cabin has a private bathroom with a shower for every two guests, electricity, an oil stove, and a great view of the lake.
Meals:  The Lodge serves a famous and hearty Elk Island breakfast, guide-prepared shore lunches, and gourmet dinners with homemade soups, bread, steaks, and top-notch desserts.
Communications:  Free Wi-Fi and cell service is now available at the Lodge. Check with your carrier for coverage and fees.

Appetizers at the Lodge

Appetizers at the Lodge

2023 USD Rates:

4-nights and 4-days guided fishing  $3,475.00 per person
8-nights and 8-days guided fishing  $4,475.00 per person
Fly-out to God’s River for brook trout  $450.00 per person
The Northern Pike fly-out is $300.00 per person
Rates do not include an 8.5% sales tax on total package.

2024 USD Rates:

4-nights and 4-days guided fishing  $3,675.00 per person
8-nights and 8-days guided fishing  $4,675.00 per person
Fly-out to God’s River for brook trout  $450.00 per person
The Northern Pike fly-out is $300.00 per person
Booking as a single angler?
You can have your own cabin and guide at no extra charge.
Subject to availability.

The Packages Include:

• Airfare from Winnipeg to the Lodge, and return
• Lodging
• Meals
• Guided fishing
• Use of golf carts
• Wi-Fi at the Lodge
• Daily maid service.

The Packages Do Not Include:

• Airfare to Winnipeg, and return
• Hotel stay and meals in Winnipeg (if required)
• Excess baggage charge
• Liquor
• 8.5% Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on the total package
• Carbon Recovery Tax $41.75 per person
• Fishing license
• Fishing equipment rental + full tackle box for $195.75 per trip
• Fuel surcharge of approx. $95.75
• Fly-outs for fishing
• Gratuities to guides and staff
• Canned beverages
• Store purchases
• Global Rescue
• Travel insurance
• 12% Goods and Services Tax for purchases while at the Lodge
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Elk Island Lodge

Mike Sadar with lake trout

Mike Sadar with Lake Trout

Elk Island brook trout

Angler with Elk Island Brook Trout

Elk Island northern pike

Elk Island Northern Pike

Mike Perkins with nice brook trout

Elk Island Brook Trout

18-foot Boats with Yamaha Motors

18-foot Boats with Yamaha Motors

Elk Island Lodge lounge area

The Lodge Lounge Area

The Guides Cook up a Daily Shore Lunch

Fresh Fish Fry

An Elk Island sunset

God's Lake at Sunset

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