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Fly and Spin Fishing for Golden Dorado

Dorado Cua Lodge is in the heart of the Isoró marshland area, 400 miles north of Buenos Aires in the province of Corrientes. The Isoró Marshland, an area of 3,500,000 acres, is a vast, natural wildlife sanctuary and golden dorado fishing paradise. Goya, the nearest town to the Lodge, is about forty miles away.

Flies or Lures for Golden Dorado

Golden dorado Fishing

Golden dorado are considered one of the best fighting freshwater fish on the planet. They’re aggressive with a ferocious strike, long, hard runs, high jumps, and fighting stamina. The locals call them River Tigers.
Anglers average 15 to 20 strikes per day, and you should land about ten. Catch-and-release fishing only.
The Lodge fishes several locations—the Paraná River' tributaries, the Estero Isoro’ and the Rio Corrientes. This area is very good fishing - with clear waters year-round. An incredible fishery for golden dorado, dogfish, and giant piranha is only a short boat ride from the Lodge. The Lodge hosts eight anglers per week.

Fishing Facts:

Dorado Cua Lodge

Fishing Season runs from October 1 to May 30, with peak fishing in March, October, and November.
Boats:   Aluminum river boats with 40-HP Yamaha motors. Two anglers per boat and guide.
Guides:  Carefully selected guides are attentive to your needs and are pioneers in exploring new areas for dorado fishing. The guides speak Spanish and a little fishing English.
Fishing Equipment:  is not included in the package. It is recommended that you bring #6, #7, or #8 line and dark-colored flies (black, black-and-orange, dark blue-and-red, and with flashes) with #03 hooks. A comprehensive packing list is included in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License is included in the package.

Typical Fishing Day:
7:30 a.m. Breakfast is served.
8:00 a.m.  You'll walk about 150 feet to your boat for the morning block of fishing.
Noon:  Mid-day, you'll enjoy a boxed lunch on the island followed by a nap, or if you prefer, your guide can return you to the air-conditioned Lodge for a home-cooked meal, followed by a siesta (nap).
3:30 p.m.  You'll fish for another four-hour block.
8:00 p.m.   At sunset, you'll return to the Lodge to shower and enjoy appetizers before dinner.
9:00 p.m.  Excellent dinners are served with Malbec wines.

About Dorado Cua Lodge

Dorado Cua Fishing

Dorado Cua Lodge sits in front of the islands and streams of the vast marshland formed by the Parana and Isoro Rivers and is less than 200 yards from where you board your skiff. Thousands of birds are in the area, plus some caiman. The Lodge has four spacious, air-conditioned bedrooms with queen-size beds and private baths. Outside, there is a four-foot-deep swimming pool.
Meals:  Local and international cuisine, plus very good Argentine wines.
Non-Angler Activities:  For (two) non-fishing guests, a boat and guide are included for wildlife viewing.

Getting to the Lodge:

You’ll fly to the Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You'll be greeted by an English-speaking member of the Lodge staff. He’ll take you to a hotel for day-use in Buenos Aires where you can rest a $60.00 fee, and not included in the package. At 6:30 p.m., he’ll drive you to the Vosa Galvense Bus Terminal in Buenos Aires for the bus ride to San Isidro. The sleeper bus is first-class with meals and drinks on board. You’ll arrive at 5:00 a.m. at the San Isidro bus stop 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) before Goya. You'll be greeted by members of the Lodge staff. They'll drive you in Toyota 4WD double-cab trucks to the Lodge, a 30-minute drive. Upon arrival at the Lodge, you'll have breakfast and get ready for a full day of fishing.

2022 USD Rates:

Two anglers per boat and room:
5-nights and 6-days guided fishing: $2,950.00 per person
4-nights and 5-days guided fishing: $2,700.00 per person
3-nights and 4-days guided fishing: $2,500.00 per person
2-nights and 3-days guided fishing: $2,300.00 per person

Non-Angler Rates:

Non-Angler sharing room:
5-nights and 6-days $1,900.00 per person
4-nights and 5-days $1,800.00 per person
3-nights and 4-days $1,500.00 per person
2-nights and 3-days $1,450.00 per person

Packages Include:

Airport reception, roundtrip sleeper bus from Buenos Aires to San Isidro, all ground transfers in Argentina, lodging, meals at the Lodge with beer and wine, Wi-Fi internet access, guided fishing, fishing license, and taxes.

Packages Do Not Include:

Airfare, day-use at a hotel in Buenos Aires upon arrival in Argentina (unless you use an alternative transfer option on page 4, approx. $60.00), meals in Buenos Aires; rods, reels, lures, or flies ($7.00 each at the Lodge); laundry service, phone calls, gratuities, Global Rescue, travel Insurance, and anything not mentioned under the inclusions

Dorado Cua Lodge

Jack Gallagher with golden dorado.

Golden dorado fishing

Keith Earnst with 17-lber on a spin rod

Spin angling for golden dorado

Boats are a 150-ft walk from the Lodge.

Golden dorado fishing boat in water

An average-sized surubim, type of catfish

Dorado Cua catfish

Jim Norwood and host Brad Staples

Jim Norwood and Brad

Golden dorado are aggressive.

Golden dorado fishing

Caiman, birds, capybaras...

Caiman at Dorado Cua

Meals include beer and wine.

Dorado Cua

Spacious, air-conditioned bedrooms

Dorado Cua bedrooms

Wi-Fi is available at the Lodge.


Dorado Cua dining room

Dining room at the Lodge

Jack Gallagher with golden dorado.

Jack holding up nice-sized golden dorado in the boat

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