Photo:  Tsimane Lodge golden dorado


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As of February 8, 2021, a tourist visa is required, approx. $160.00 per person.

Caño Negro Lodge
Payara and Peacock Bass

Caño Negro Lodge

Flies or Lures for Payara and Peacock Bass.
Caño Negro Lodge is located in a two-million-acre nature preserve in the Rio Negro San Simon system. The area has been nicknamed the Jurassic Park of the Amazon.

Tsimané Lodges
Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

Tsimané Lodges

Fly Fishing for Golden Dorado. Tsimané’s (chee-mon-ee) three lodges—Pluma, Secure, and Agua Negra—offer miles of pristine rivers located exclusively inside the Isiboro Secure National Park.

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