Alaska - Aniak River Lodge 2019, 2020 and 2021 Hosted Weeks

Aniak River Lodge was Larry’s favorite Alaska Freshwater trip.

Our Aniak River hosted week history

Aniak River rainbows

Larry Schoenborn with Aniak rainbow.
Larry started hosting trips on the Aniak in 2006, and we’ve hosted up to eight weeks a year here. There are few places in Alaska that you can catch numbers of rainbows, silvers, dollies and grayling along with an occasional sheefish and northern pike. Clients have landed over 50 rainbows a day, in the 20” to 30” range. The Aniak is one of Alaska’s best rivers because of its variety of species and the sheer numbers of fish you’ll catch. It helps that this river is comparatively undiscovered. You’ll see very few anglers. This is the only fixed camp operation on the Aniak. You’re guided here with two anglers per jet boat and guide.
Clients have landed over 100 silvers in one day. Silvers are best here from August 10th through September 1st. This is also a great time for beautiful leopard rainbow, grayling, char, and a few sheefish. Aniak rainbow fishing may be Alaska’s best.

Aniak accommodations

Aniak River mousing

This is the only fixed camp operation on the Aniak. We'll stay for five nights at Aniak's new Mid-River Lodge and two days of our trip, we'll fish from their deluxe tent camp about 40 miles above the mouth of the Aniak. This puts us close to all the action for salmon, rainbow, dollies, grayling and... We’ll be near islands and braids that create the best rainbow fishing. The deluxe tent camp has hot shower facilities, a great dining area, a generator for charging camera batteries, limited (spotty) Wi-Fi, carpeted Weatherport tents with individual cots, and individual heaters. Two anglers per tent, guide, and boat.

Aniak River Hosted Weeks include:

Aniak River silver salmon fishing

Package includes:  Lodging, daily housekeeping, limited Wi-Fi, meals, guided jet boat fishing, ground transfers from Aniak Airport to their Base Lodge/welcome facility, boat transfers from Aniak's Base Lodge to their new Mid-River Lodge and Trout Camp, and all flies.
Packages do not include:  Airfare to Anchorage and Aniak, hotel and meals in Anchorage, fishing license ($70.00 in 2019), liquor, fishing equipment, tackle, gratuities, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

You are not restricted to our hosted weeks. Provided there are openings, we can book Aniak River Lodge for a time that works best for you. Prices are subject to change.

Hosted Fishing Weeks at Aniak River Lodge

Our Hosted Weeks at Aniak River Lodge target rainbows and silver salmon.

2019 Hosted Fishing Weeks
7-nights and 6-days guided fishing $6,295.00

  • August 16-24, 2019:   Guy hosts - 2 spots left
  • August 23-31, 2019:   Guy - SOLD-OUT

2020 Hosted Fishing Weeks
7-nights and 6-days guided fishing

  • August 14-22, 2020:   Guy Schoenborn hosts
  • August 21-29, 2020:   Guy Schoenborn hosts

2021 Hosted Fishing Weeks
7-nights and 6-days guided fishing

  • August 13-21, 2021:   Guy Schoenborn hosts
  • August 20-28, 2021:   Guy Schoenborn hosts

Marcus Braun with Aniak Rainbow (and guide)

Marcus Braun

Eric Schoenborn with silver salmon

Aniak River Silver

Landing thirty or more silvers a day here is common practice from August 5th through September 5th.

Aniak River Boats

Aniak River Boats

Large Alaskan Rainbows

Aniak River Rainbow

Guy Schoenborn with Aniak rainbow

Guy Schoenborn with Aniak River Rainbow

Nice rainbow - hosted week

Aniak River rainbow

Aniak rainbows

Aniak River Rainbows

Guide and Barry Rodeffer's rainbow - hosted week

Barry Rodeffer's rainbow

Joe Baldi with Aniak rainbow - hosted week

Joe Baldi with Aniak Rainbow

Paul Brown and guide with 28.5" Aniak rainbow - hosted week

Paul Brown

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