Photo:  Christmas Island - the Villages

12 Featured Trips

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Argentina - Golden Dorado River Cruiser

Golden Dorado River Cruiser

Within a few hours of Buenos Aires, you'll find fantastic golden dorado fishing opportunities in the huge upper delta of the Paraná River system. The liveaboard accommodations, delicious meals, and great fishing have quickly made this one of our All-Star hosted trips. Join Brad Staples hosted group here in March in 2024 and 2025.
Photo:  Brad Staples with golden dorado.

Brazil - Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Agua Boa Peacock Bass

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is "one of the top ten fly-fishing lodges in the world." - Forbes Magazine. Agua Boa is a fly-fishing-only lodge for peacock bass, arowana, pirarucu... " The number of peacock bass you'll catch here is mind-boggling," - Larry Schoenborn. 2024 will be our 20th year hosting trips here. See our 2024 Hosted Weeks.
Photo:  Jack Henderson and Brad Staples with peacock bass.

Alaska - Aniak River Lodge

Aniak River Lodge

The Aniak is one of Alaska's best rivers due to its variety - rainbows, dollies, grayling, salmon, sheefish, and northern pike - and the sheer number of fish you'll catch. The Aniak is one of the best trips in the world for novice fly anglers because each day, they’ll get so many opportunities to hook and land large quantities of fish. Spin or fly fishing. Join Guy Schoenborn's hosted trips here in 2024 and 2025.
Photo:  Guy Schoenborn with rainbow trout.

Costa Rica - Rio Parismina Lodge

Rio Parismina Lodge

Great Caribbean fishing for XL tarpon, tuna, wahoo, and jungle species. The Lodge is a 30-minute charter flight from San Jose, Costa Rica. Delicious meals and beautiful lodge setting. Excellent guides and boats, includes the use of rods and reels. One of the best run lodges in the world.  Read more...
Photo:  Cindy Schmid (right) with tarpon.

Christmas Island - The Villages

Christmas Island Bonefishing

Christmas Island, a remote tropical island in the Pacific, is only a three-hour flight from Honolulu. The island is world-famous for its vast numbers of bonefish, giant trevally, and endless clear water. At The Villages, you'll get your own guide, and the extra set of eyes really helps with bonefishing. Read more...
Photo:  Russ DeFusco and Zane Shanklin with giant trevally.

Guatemala - Sailfish Oasis Lodge

Sailfish Oasis Lodge

We've hosted numerous fishing trips at Sailfish Oasis Lodge. Guatemala holds the conventional and fly fishing records for the most sailfish released in one day. During peak season, Sailfish Oasis's fleet often releases 30 sailfish a day and has a year-round daily average or 15-20 releases. The Lodge's sportfishing vessels are some of the finest in Guatemala.  Read more...
Photo:  Jeanie Koenemann with sailfish.

Canada - Minor Bay Lodge - Saskatchewan

Minor Bay Lodge

Minor Bay Lodge sits on the southwest corner of Wollaston Lake, Canada’s 13th largest lake and the spawning grounds of monstrous northern pike and lake trout. The lake covers an area of over 1,300 square miles, with over 800 square miles of water within its boundaries. Minor Bay Lodge is open June and July, only two months for peak fishing.  Read more...

British Columbia - Wild Rivers Lodge on the Skeena

Wild Rivers Lodge

Wild Rivers Lodge sits on the banks of the world-renowned Skeena River in beautiful British Columbia. Surrounded by mountains and river, the setting is stunning. The Skeena River is home to the largest run of wild Steelhead in the world and also the world record.
Photo:  Mario Masciola with 41" Skeena River steelhead.

Alaska - Togiak River Lodge

Togiak River Lodge

The Togiak is one of the best king and silver salmon rivers in Alaska. The Lodge is in the heart of the world-famous Bristol Bay region and is the gateway to outstanding spawning grounds for all five species of Pacific salmon and more. Comfortable lodge, heated cabins, and Wi-Fi.

Alaska - Kain's Fishing Adventures

Kain's Fishing

At Kain's, you'll find some of the most consistent saltwater salmon fishing in Alaska. Sitka is only a two-hour direct flight from Seattle. Sitka is on the migratory route of almost every run of Chinook and silver salmon returning to British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. You are allowed one halibut per day with no annual limit (2023). Kains comfortable fishing lodge overlooks the Sitka Sound.  Read more...

Argentina - La Zona Lodge

La Zona Lodge

La Zona's golden dorado fishing is unrivaled. Flies or Lures. Over twelve world records have been broken at La Zona, and one by our client, Mike Sadar in 2012. La Zona is the exclusive area on the Uruguay River, downstream from Salto Grande Dam in the Entre Rios province, about 270 miles from Buenos Aires. La Zona's new lodge is now open.
Photo:  Mike Sadar and Jim Schmid with La Zona golden dorado.

Argentina - Jurassic Lake Lodge

Jurassic Lake Lodge

Jurassic Lake Lodge is only a five-minute walk from great fishing. The Lodge has the good fortune of being located at the mouth of Jurassic Lake's only significant tributary, the Barrancoso River. Join Guy Schoenborn's Hosted Week here in December of 2024. You are not restricted to our hosted weeks. Provided there are openings, we can book any of the lodges for a time that works best for you.  Read more...
Photo:  Meng Syn with a large Jurassic Lake rainbow.

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