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Since 2002, the Brazilian authorities have granted River Plate Anglers exclusive entry permits to fish on Indian reserves and government preserves. Utilizing floating suites, River Plate has perfected a highly developed system to fish the Amazon River for peacock bass.

Peacock Bass Fishing - Private Waters

Alaska salmon fishing

Their remarkable, explosive topwater strike, combined with an astonishing ability to break heavy lines/leaders and straighten even stout saltwater hooks, makes peacock bass one of the most sought after species in the Amazon basin. Peacock Bass are very territorial; which is why commercial or sportfishing can rapidly over-fish popular areas. Fishing season runs mid-October to March.
During your trip, they often move their floating suites to new unfished waters. Two anglers per boat and guide. In-house designed and field-tested 20' all-welded aluminum shallow-draft tunnel boats with 40-h.p. outboard, trolling motor, high swivel seats, fishing platforms… and light enough to navigate the shallow sandbars.
In 2017, the Marmelos River reopened. River Plate completed negotiations with the Indian tribes for exclusive fishing rights to the Marmelos River (south of Manaus), they will fish there mid-July through August. Prior to this agreement, the tried and true Marmelos had not been fished in four years.

Floating Mobile Suites

Orvis-endorsed lodge

Their system consists of deluxe, shallow draft, floating suites which combine daily mobility with the ability to bypass shallow water. This is the key to exceptional peacock bass fishing. Drawing only four inches of water, the floating suites navigate past shallow water natural barriers in comfort and style. Each 12’x15’ suite has air conditioning, 110 electricity, and a private bathroom with shower. Their staff of 14, and bi-lingual host offer personalized, hands-on attention. Free daily laundry service is available. Dinners feature fresh fish, beef or chicken with regional sides. Chilled wines, ice-cold beer, soft drinks, and Brazilian-style margaritas are included (limits explained in our information packet). Satellite phone calls are $5.00 per minute. Internet use is $10.00 per minute, with a one-minute minimum charge.

The CDC is now recommending (2018) a
Yellow Fever Vaccination for most of Brazil,
including ALL Peacock Bass Fishing Areas.
Click here for CDC link.

Eric Schoenborn's Recap:

Eric Schoenborn's recap

"River Plate Outfitters allows all styles of fishing at its camps including topwater, shallow lures, jigs, and flies. Many people set their expectations based on shows they’ve watched and typically have high expectations for watching giant peacocks crash their topwater presentations. The truth is that while fishing topwater makes for good TV, strikes on topwater gear are often more difficult than other methods. When a topwater strike happens, it will make your jaw drop as the sound of a giant Peacock hitting the lure sounds something like a 55-gallon drum dropped off a ten-story building into the water where your lure used to be. Topwater lures consist mostly of “wood chopper” type lures which make an incredible amount of noise and splash as they are worked through the water. Lures like Zara Spooks, Rat’ln Walk, and jumping minnows walked on the top in a rhythmic motion produce good results. The most productive technique for peacocks in all of my trips has been using weighted flies. Peacocks are a suspended fish that use cover to ambush minnows. These minnows can be imitated with flies, and when retrieved quickly with a sinking line, the results are deadly. Along with flies, weighted jig heads, tied with rattles, flash, and synthetics also imitate baitfish and can be very productive as well. Another tool in the tackle box is shallow diving lures such as the Yo-Zuri I mentioned above."
- Eric Schoenborn

Getting Here:

You’ll fly into Manaus, Brazil. After you’ve cleared customs, a River Plate representative will take you to a 5-star hotel in Manaus for your overnight stay. This first night hotel is included in package. The length of the transfer from Manaus to the fly-in cabins depends on where the suites are located at the time of your trip and what kind of plane you’ll be flying in (wheel or float). Since the cabins move and they have different fisheries, it is not possible to provide an exact timeframe until you arrive in Manaus. Moreover, wheel planes with a grass strip also involve a fast boat transfer to camp (again with variable travel time). They will use the most efficient means of travel available to get you there.

New Single Angler Program:

Fish on exclusive entry waters on the tributaries of the upper Rio Negro and Rio Branco. This floating mobile safari camp will feature six single occupancy, air-conditioned cabins - each featuring a queen-size bed as well as a single occupancy hotel room in Manaus for six single anglers per week from October through early March. This new concept will allow anglers who desire single room accommodations the added room and privacy a private cabin offers and the added comfort of a queen bed, while experiencing a great remote fishing experience. The camp will be located on exclusive entry waters, totaling 1,500 miles of black water tributaries.
Private room, guide, and boat:
7-nights and 6-days guided fishing:
6-nights in camp, one night in Manaus
6-angler party  $6,995.00 p.p.
5-nights and 4-days guided fishing:
6-angler party  $4,995.00 p.p.

Rates valid thru Feb. 28, 2018

7-nights and 6-days guided fishing:
6-nights in camp, one night in Manaus
No odd number bookings are accepted.
Double Occupancy Program:
Mid-July to Aug. 31: Marmelos River
8-angler party $5,595.00 p.p.
Sept. - Oct. 5:  Matupiri and upper Igapo-Açu
Nov. 15 - March 1:  Lower Jufaris
Nov. 15 - Feb. 15:  Lower Xeruini
Nov. 1 - Dec. 7:  Lower Omero
Nov. 15 - Feb. 28:  Lower Itapará
12-angler party $4,995.00 p.p.
8-angler party  $5,595.00 p.p.
Headwaters of Itapará, Xeruini, and Jufaris:
7-nights and 6-days guided fishing January 3 - February 28, 2018
8-angler party  $5,995.00 p.p.

Packages include:

All community compensations, fees, and costs for fishing in Exclusive Private Waters’ leases; double-occupancy lodging (unless Premium Single Occupancy package is selected), charter flights in Brazil, all necessary ground transfers in Brazil, one overnight at a 5-star hotel in Manaus (upon arrival only), use of guide-operated 20-foot shallow drafting bass boat per two anglers, fishing licenses, all meals at fishing destination, beverages at fishing location (Brazilian wine, beer, hard liquor, bottled water, juices, and soft drinks), daily laundry service at fishing destinations (see weight restrictions above), maid service at fishing destinations, and upon request Larry's eBook Fly-Fishing for Peacock Bass. One rod, one reel, and fishing line are available at the fly-in cabin barges upon request – advise 30 days before departure.

Packages do not include:

International airfare, Brazilian visa, suggested gratuities, food and beverages in Manaus and private city tours, special transfers and hotel reservations when not arriving with the party, airport departure tax, satellite phone calls ($5.00/minute) at camp, internet connection ($10.00/minute – minimum charged, one minute) at camp, extra hotel overnights or day rooms, any last moment taxes, fees, stamps, or compensations of any form levied by the local authorities, baitcasting lures, fly fishing tackle, spinning tackle, catfishing rigs, insect repellent, sunscreen, medicines, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Call 1-800-205-3474 for more Information:

Request River Plate Anglers info packet  

River Plate Anglers photos

Peacock bass have an explosive topwater strike

Brazil Peacock bass

Rio Negro system

Rio Negro system

Peacock bass are very territorial

Rio Negro peacock bass

Large catfish, too

River Plate catfishing

Gary and Lynn with River Plate double

River Plate double

Three kinds of Peacock Bass:

Peacock bass species

24-hour 110 AC power and private bathrooms

River Plate Anglers

Chilled wines, ice-cold beer, soft drinks...

Chilled wine

Staff of 14, and bilingual host

River Plate staff

Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass eBook on Amazon

Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass