mongolia taimen fishing
mongolia taimen fishing Eg-UurTaimen fishing in Mongolia.
large taimen59-inch taimen landed in 2010 by Marles Frankman.
taimenTaimen fishing the Eg-Uur watershed.
lenok fishingTrophy-size lenok.
camelsCamels drinking at the river.
Eg Uur watershedCamp pictured in lower left in the scenic
Eg Uur Watershed.
gers lodgingGer lodging also known as yurts.

Mongolia - Taimen Fishing - Fly Fishing Only

Catch a 60 inch Trout on a Dry Fly 

Sweetwater Camp - Eg-Uur Watershed

Mongolia taimen (Hucho hucho taimen) are an especially ferocious fish that can attain weights of well over 100 pounds. In Russia, there are reports of taimen up to 200 pounds. On the rivers fished in Mongolia, the average taimen is around 32 inches and roughly 10 pounds. However, nearly every week, anglers will have chances on fish over 50 inches.  Taimen are an aggressive fish that will eat anything they can fit in their mouth.

The outfitter’s permits are on the Eg River and the Ur River in northcentral Mongolia. Both rivers are a fly angler's dream. The rivers are clear and easy to wade, ranging in size from 40 to 120 feet wide, with easy-walking banks. It is hard to imagine that a fish as large as the Taimen can live in these waters. In fact, one of their largest Taimen to date––a 60 inch fish–was taken on a mouse pattern, in a particularly narrow stretch of river, after they watched it eat a duck.

In between battles with Taimen, you'll also be fishing for Lenok– the Mongolian equivalent of a trout. They look like a rainbow trout with the mouth of a tarpon. These fish rely on the prolific caddis and mayfly hatches, and terrestrials such as grasshoppers and crickets. Lenok average 18-20 inches long and are very entertaining on lightweight fly rods. Larger lenok will dine on mice patterns and streamers. With a great terrestrial hatch in late summer, and the traditional mayfly hatches in the fall, Lenok keep anglers busy.

Thanks to the outfitter's management, the Eg-Uur is the only watershed in Mongolia that practices a strict catch-and-release of taimen. They utilize only single, barbless hooks. They manage the river very carefully to insure that all of their anglers have the fishing trip of a lifetime. Personable, English speaking guide staff - many of them live in Montana. All have over ten years experience in high quality lodges and camps.

Camp Lodging

The camps are strategically positioned to access over 120 combined miles of river by boat. The camps are isolated wilderness facilities with very limited access to the outside world, which enhances the fishery and the adventure experience. Their guests have provided glowing reports about the standard of service and level of comfort at these camps. Each camp is equipped with a dining lodge overlooking the river, bathhouse and shower facility, 110 and 220 volt electricity, and are as well-equipped as any lodge in Mongolia. They continue to make improvements to their facilities each season. They do have satellite phones in camp, but internet service is not available.

Anglers stay in traditional Mongolian gers (yurts), which are felt tents wrapped around a collapsible wooden frame. They are 9 feet high and 18 feet in diameter, much larger than standard wall tents. They are equipped with framed full-length single beds, ample room for gear, hot water for washing your hands and face, and a sitting area for relaxing by the woodstove. Each ger (yurt) accommodates two anglers.

Meals include a wide range of traditional Mongolian and American dishes from lamb, beef, pork, and chicken, along with vegetables, dessert, and salads.

Includes:  airport transfers in Mongolia, first and last night's hotel lodging in UlaanBaatar, breakfast is provided with the hotel, but dinner and incidental expenses in UlaanBaatar are the responsibility of individual clients, ground transfers to and from camps, 6½ days guided fishing, lodging and meals.

Rates DO NOT include:  airfare to Mongolia, gratuities, fishing license ($330.00), or incidental expenses incurred in Mongolia.

  •  2015 Rates:   8-nights and 6 ½-days guided fishing
  • May 18 to June 8  (spring season)             ...$5,900.00
    Internal flight and Jeep transfer to camp.
  • August 31 to September 29 (fall season)  ...$6,300.00
    Internal helicopter flight to camp.
  • For complete trip details - request an information packet.